The Political Silly Season Begins

June 4, 2012

The summer months are called the “silly season” in politics. Since many campaigns haven’t yet started in earnest, political pundits are forced to report on sensational stories that wouldn’t ordinarily make the newspaper at all.

Our Republican friends are taking the “silly season” to the next level this year. The attacks against our Party have been vicious and unfounded. Why?

Because they know that Georgia Democrats are undergoing a transformation. We are resurging in areas that they never anticipated, and frankly, they’re worried.

For the first time in recent memory, GOP strongholds like Snellville and Morrow both have Democratic mayors.

Savannah has a Democratic super-majority on their council. In Columbia County- a county that voted 77% for Nathan Deal in 2010- our challenger came within 1% of becoming the first Democrat elected to County Commission.

In rural Georgia, all of Ben Hill County’s constitutional offices are incumbent and qualified in the Democratic Primary. The chair of the county is an incumbent Democrat, as are the two commissioners up for elections this cycle and each of them qualified for election. In Brantley County, the tiny town of Nahunta elected five Democrats, a recent record.

On a national scale, President Obama has visited Georgia multiple times this year, including a future visit on June 26. His campaign organization, Obama for America, is opening a new headquarters in Atlanta this Saturday.

Meanwhile, we have registered a record number of voters throughout the state to increase our Democratic performance in November.

Don’t believe the “sky is falling” rhetoric regarding our party. We are rebuilding and becoming stronger, and we’ve taken the fight to Georgia Republicans in a way that they never expected. They are intimidated, not only due to our recent growth, but also due to major problems among their own. For example:

Republican State Senator Don Balfour, the powerful chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, is under investigation for filing inaccurate mileage reimbursements that may result in criminal charges.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers is under fire for his previous career as a sports handicapper. He promoted gambling via advertising financed by an offshore casino.

Republican Speaker of the House David Ralston, the beneficiary of a $20,000+ lobbyist paid trip to Europe, is fighting tooth-and-nail against a $100 lobbyist cap, calling it a “liberal” plot to divide Republicans.

Just today, Republican Senator Tommie Williams resigned as the powerful Senate Pro-Tem, an unexpected move that caught many in the Georgia Republican Party by surprise.

And despite having a Governor, Lt. Governor, and a majority in the State House & Senate, the Republicans are having fundraising difficulties and are dipping into leftover funds from the last Governor’s election in order to pay the bills.

The “silly season” will continue, and eventually the pundits will focus on what is truly important in Georgia – Democratic initiatives to save the HOPE Scholarship, bring careers to South Georgia, and protect the reproductive rights of women and the voting rights of minorities.

Until then, remember that you have the power to help bring our state to a Democratic victory in November. Click here to join our email list to stay informed about the Democratic Party of Georgia, click here to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and if you feel inclined to contribute to our voter registration efforts, click here to make a donation.

We are strong. Don’t let the naysayers sway you into believing what isn’t true.

We are building to a successful future. We’d like your help.

Won’t you come along?

Mike Berlon, Chairman
Democratic Party of Georgia

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