“The Gloves Are Off” After Walker’s Worst Week Yet: Scathing New Attacks from GOP Foes, Trump-tapped Candidate’s Evolution Woes, and Conservative Criticism Grows

March 18, 2022

GOP Senate Herschel Walker had his most “brutal” week yet as Republican rivals “go for the jugular” on Walker’s baggage “demolition derby” style in a preview of what’s come, massive lies in the Trump-tapped candidate’s business record are put on full display, his comments on evolution trigger a wave of national ridicule, and conservative frustrations with Walker’s absentee campaign continue to grow.

Here’s the latest on one of Walker’s worst weeks yet in #GASEN:

SUNDAY MORNING A1 FRONT PAGE – Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Review of Walker’s business record reveals lawsuits from creditors, exaggerated claims


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