The Democratic Party of Georgia Unveils New Website Highlighting Cagle and Kemp’s Dangerous Track Records

June 20, 2018

GEORGIA — Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia released a new website highlighting statements made by state Republicans that Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp are wrong choices for everyday Georgians.

The new website,, comes on the heels of the videos released yesterday on Kemp and Cagle, where state Republicans claim that both candidates are out-of-touch career politicians. Damning statements from former Republican candidates for Governor (Hunter Hill, Clay Tippins, and Michael Williams) detail the disastrous failures of both remaining GOP candidates for Georgia’s highest office.

Georgia Republicans have said that Kemp/Cagle are “bought and paid for,” guilty of “complete mismanagement of finances” and “bullying colleagues and citizens.”  Of Kemp, it’s been said “If you were in the private sector, you would be fired.”

One thing is for certain: Republicans agree that neither Kemp nor Cagle have what it takes to be the next Governor of the state of Georgia.

“Georgia Republicans are normally as useless as a steering wheel on a mule,” said DuBose Porter, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair. “Georgians deserve to know exactly what their Republican colleagues have said about them.”

“And in this case, we think they’re right: Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp are wrong for Georgia families and businesses.”

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