The ‘5% Solution’

July 22, 2011

A recent newspaper article explains part of our new strategy at the Democratic Party of Georgia, what I like to call the ‘5% solution’. From the Florida Times Union:

Berlon’s goal is to boost Democrats’ share in every rural district next year by at least 5 percent, predicting it will change the outcome in statewide races…

(In this week’s election), Dan Matthews of Oconee County, running as a Democrat, took 38 percent of the vote to Republican Chuck Williams’ 62 percent. But Matthews’ tally represented an improvement over the 28 percent that Democrat Suzy Compere received last November in her loss to GOP nominee Hank Huckaby.

We saw the Democratic vote share in this district leap from 28% to 38% in less than a year. It’s only been a few months, and our new strategies are working. The media is starting to notice.

So are Republicans.

If you have time, read the entire article. If you’d like, send me your suggestions for improving and evolving our strategies at the Democratic Party of Georgia. All of my email is read- every single one. My email is [email protected].

Thanks for all that you do,

Mike Berlon, Chairman
Democratic Party of Georgia

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