Tell Nathan Deal to ditch the license plate

June 23, 2015

Today, Nathan Deal flip-flopped within a matter of minutes on the issue of the Confederate flag displayed on Georgia specialty license plates.


First, Deal said he wouldn’t support any changes to the license plate. Minutes later, Deal backtracked and said “It’s time we take a further look at it.”


Well, let’s make sure that “further look” is sooner, rather than later.


Send an email to Governor Deal with the message below, demanding that he take immediate action.


“I am offended that the State of Georgia issues official license plates bearing the Confederate battle flag. Georgia should not promote a symbol associated with organizations advocating expressions of hate. The act of making the Confederate battle flag available for display makes the State of Georgia complicit in promoting fear and hatred.”


 “Last year you removed the statue of a white supremacist from the Capitol steps. Today, you can remove a divisive symbol from our license plates.”


The Confederate flag is a divisive symbol, and represents a piece of Georgia’s history. And history belongs in a museum—not on a license plate. For Georgia to move forward, we have to let go of yesterday. Especially when all too many of those yesterdays were filled with violence and hate.


Tell Governor Deal to act NOW.

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