TAX DAY REMINDER: Does Perdue Care More About Middle-Class Tax Relief than Corporate Handouts? “Absolutely Not”

July 15, 2020

Rather than supporting tax relief for working families, Perdue backed a $1 trillion tax giveaway to corporations

ATLANTA — As Americans across the country file their taxes today, a reminder that in 2017, so-called “original outsider” (and actual “establishment player”) Senator David Perdue made his priorities on Americans’ tax relief clear when asked point-blank if he would support delaying massive corporate tax breaks in order to provide greater relief to middle-class families. His answer? “Absolutely not.”

Questioner: “Would you ever consider delaying the corporate tax implementation in order to provide more relief to middle-class Americans?”

Sen. Perdue: “Absolutely not.”

Here’s the reality: Perdue and his Republican allies’ corporate tax handout not only gave away hundreds of billions to big corporations like his insider backers, but actually exacerbated economic inequality. In fact, 83% of its benefits are projected to eventually go to the richest 1% of Americans, not middle-class families, even as the bill did next to nothing to grow the economy. And Perdue wanted an even bigger tax handout to large corporations than the $1 trillion giveaway already in the bill.

This Tax Day, remember: When so-called “outsider” David Perdue had the opportunity to put middle-class tax relief ahead of corporate tax handouts, he made his answer clear: “Absolutely not.”


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