“Tax and Pretend” Republicans Allow Gas Tax Increase

May 5, 2011

Governor Deal punts to GOP-led legislature

Georgia – Gas prices in Georgia have risen due to a tax hike by Republican leaders, yet no one in the majority party takes responsibility for the 27% tax increase.

Governor Nathan Deal can waive the tax hike without legislative approval. On April 26, Deal suggested that the increased gas tax should be “something for the General Assembly to take up rather than the Governor.”

Republican leaders in the General Assembly have opted to stay out of the discussion. With no action from either the Republican Governor or legislature, the 27% tax hike went into effect Sunday for the entire state of Georgia.

“It’s another example of ‘tax and pretend’ Republicans raising taxes on our state while pretending not to,” said State Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta), Vice Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. “This tax could have been stopped by Governor Deal or the GOP leadership in the Capitol. Instead, they both punted.”

Gas prices in Georgia are over 35% higher than just a year ago. In 2008, a smaller price increase prompted the former governor to suspend the tax hike. This year, Georgians have no such luck.

“The Governor blames lawmakers, while the Republicans in the General Assembly stay silent. It’s their ploy to raise taxes,” concluded Tom Ellington, Macon City Councilman. “They continue giving sweetheart deals to corporations, and haven’t lifted a finger to stop this brutal tax hike on working Georgians.”

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