Statement in Response to Georgia Republicans’ Secretive Anti-Voting Legislative Blitz

February 17, 2021

Today, after Georgia Senate Republicans advanced four anti-voting bills – SB67, SB71, SB89, and SB93 – to the full Senate Ethics Committee in two simultaneous meetings early in the morning with no livestream, Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement:

“Republicans scheduled subcommittee hearings under the cover of darkness with limited public access because they don’t want Georgians watching their blatant attack on voting rights. These GOP bills are nothing more than a desperate attempt to cling to power after abysmal election performances by making voting more burdensome for Georgians who disagree with them. Georgia Republicans may try to hide their shameful voter suppression efforts behind closed doors, but they will not get away with it – and they will be held accountable.”


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