State Representatives, Teachers, and Parents Agree: Casey Cagle Chose Politics over Georgia Children

June 20, 2018

ATLANTA — Today, Rep. Debra Bazemore and teachers Jennifer Young and Tonya Grimmke held a press conference at John C. Howell Park declaring Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle unsuited to be Governor of Georgia and deriding Cagle for putting politics over Georgia children.

The event was held at John C. Howell Park, across the street from Imman Middle School, a public school negatively affected by Cagle’s bad legislation. The speakers used Cagle’s own words, describing how the politician backed a bill that was “bad in a thousand different ways” for political gain, and that he put his own ambition over the people of Georgia.

The press conference comes on the heels of a leaked audio recording of Casey Cagle admitting that he supported a “bad” bill solely because it would deprive another candidate in the race of millions of dollars of support.

“What Cagle did was reprehensible. It is horrible. This cannot be explained away. I don’t see how you can even justify or explain affecting 1.7 million students in the state of Georgia by your actions,” said Rep. Debra Bazemore.

“This is unacceptable… I know a lot of people think that the governor’s race is out of their hands, but this affects your children, our teachers, our communities, and our neighborhoods. I hope that you listen to the words that come out of people’s mouths and realize that they are making decisions that can help you or hurt you,” said teacher Elizabeth Goldsmith.

“If the current climate continues and we have public officials willing to sell our kids out for personal gain, that situation’s going to get worse and worse… Casey Cagle admits he did the wrong thing for our kids and families,” said teacher and parent Tonya Grimmke.

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