So-Called “Original Outsider” Perdue Gets Big Money Bailout from Washington Republican Groups

July 8, 2020

McConnell-aligned groups go all in for Perdue, following other big money ad buys confirming that “Georgia is in play” this November

ATLANTA — In the latest sign that “the state of Georgia is in play” in 2020, so-called “original outsider” (and actual “establishment player”) Senator David Perdue is set to get a big money bailout from a Washington dark money group and Super PAC linked to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Recent polls have shown Perdue either trailing or statistically tied with Democratic nominee Jon Ossoff while Perdue’s unpopular agenda proves toxic to swing voters. Meanwhile, Ossoff is surging off a “clear win” in the primary with a strong fundraising quarter based around grassroots small-dollar donors, further ensuring a “tight race” in November.

Republicans have already been hitting the panic button in Georgia, with the Trump campaign — along with the Perdue campaign and the NRSC — reserving early ad spending in Georgia following “warning signs” showing tight races across the board. This latest multi-million dollar outside money ad buy serves to underscore how vulnerable Georgia Republicans know they are in November.

“Senator David Perdue likes to call himself an ‘outsider’ — but the minute his campaign started to falter, his big money Washington friends came rushing in to bail him out,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Take it from Perdue — and his dark money and special interest allies — ‘the state of Georgia is in play’ this election, and Democrats are ready to win up and down the ballot.”


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