Shot/Chaser–Taxes Edition

July 27, 2018

GEORGIA—Republican allies of Brian Kemp know they have nominated the most reckless candidate in Georgia gubernatorial history.  As such, they have been forced to spend big money launching attacks at Stacey Abrams.

Shot: “Stacey Abrams wants you to pay more in taxes.” – New RGA Attack Ad

Chaser: “Abrams took home the data and reorganized it by income level to show that 82% of Georgia families would see their taxes go up. She organized her findings by legislative district, put it into a color-coded spreadsheet and left a copy on every desk in the house. The tax overhaul failed, and on the campaign trail Abrams can credibly boast of having single-handedly stopped the largest tax increase in Georgia history.” (Time Magazine, 7/26/2018)

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