SHOT/CHASER: Perdue Claims To Be “Talking To [His] Constituents,” Yet Hasn’t Held Town Hall In Nearly Six Years

October 7, 2020

SHOT: In a radio interview, Senator Perdue said “We’ve been out for the last six years really talking to our constituents. […] During COVID I’ve reached out to over a million Georgians through these constituent conference calls that we do at nights during the week.”

CHASER: Senator David Perdue hasn’t held a single public town hall in his entire Senate term and has refused to talk to his constituents. Even a recent report exposed Perdue’s “stealth campaign,” noting Georgians “have not heard a lot from Senator Perdue” and investigated “why the sounds of silence may be by design.”

LIME: Senator Perdue has repeatedly come under fire for avoiding his constituents – he recently ghosted a Georgia media outlet that reported having several interviews canceled by Senator Perdue, saying the TV station scheduled “multiple interviews with Sen. David Perdue,” but that “each time, his team canceled.” Another devastating report about Perdue’s history of dodging the media and his constituents revealed that “donors” are the only ones “getting access to the Senator these days” – days later, a journalist was barred from a Senator Perdue event that she was invited to.


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