SHOT/CHASER: Perdue Claims Georgia “Not Turning Blue,” After Georgia Officially Called For Biden

November 13, 2020

SHOT: Today, at his first campaign appearance since Election Day, Senator David Perdue told a room full of voters that “we proved to the rest of the country that Georgia is not turning blue.” 

CHASER: Just an hour before Perdue’s remarks, the state of Georgia was officially called for Joe Biden in a staggering repudiation of Trump’s reckless agenda. 

LIME: At the same event, Perdue revealed his shocking new campaign strategy of not campaigning to new voters across the Peach State, claiming “what we have to do now though is not persuade people, what we have to do is get the vote out.”

“If Perdue thinks running on Trump’s reckless agenda will carry him over the finish line in January, he’s clearly mistaken, and Georgia’s election results have literally proved that,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Rather than devise a plan for getting the pandemic under control, Perdue would rather appease Trump even on his way out the door. Just another reason for Georgia voters to send Perdue home once and for all come January.”


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