SHOT/CHASER: As Georgia Hospitals “Headed for a Crisis,” Collins Says Coronavirus Not “Remotely Close to Taxing Our System”

July 10, 2020

SHOT: Top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins today claimed in a Fox News interview that even “as COVID-19 hospitalizations soar past previous highs,” he’s seen “nothing at this point that would even come remotely close to taxing our system.”

Rep. Collins: “Yes, we’re seeing more cases here, and we’re seeing a few more hospitalizations. I’m in contact with my hospitals and my local hospitals all the time and they’re seeing a little bit more in the hospitals but nothing at this point that would even come remotely close to taxing our system.”

CHASER: Today’s AJC front page

Georgia has already exceeded its peak of patients hospitalized for coronavirus as the “number of hospital beds available to treat critically ill patients is dropping across Georgia,” pushing the hospital system to “crisis levels.”

“Even as Georgia hospitals are nearing ‘crisis levels’ of patients, Congressman Doug Collins is more focused on providing political cover for the president than looking out for Georgia families,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for Democratic Party of Georgia. “It’s bad enough that Collins has spent his time in Washington attacking access to health care for Georgians, but claiming we’re not ‘remotely close’ to a crisis we’re already in is a new low, even for him.”


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