Senator Robert Brown Denounces Broun’s Lack of Moral Courage

February 25, 2011

Atlanta – State Democratic leader Robert Brown denounces the “disgustingly irresponsible response” of Congressman Paul Broun at a recent town hall meeting. “Congressman Broun failed his leadership test,” said State Senator Brown.

“When is someone going to shoot Obama” asked a constituent at the Congressman’s event, prompting laughter from the crowd. Rep. Broun refused to rebuke the questioner, instead commenting that there “is a lot of frustration with this president.”

Senator Robert Brown states that the Congressman has a responsibility to provide a better example of patriotic unity at his public events. “The recent near-death experience of Congresswoman Giffords, one of Congressman Paul Broun’s colleagues, at a similar meeting in Arizona and his medical background should make him painfully aware of dangers of encouraging verbal terrorism. This hateful rhetoric has no place in our public debate, and Broun missed an opportunity to rise above unpatriotic partisan rhetoric.”

“Congressman Broun showed no leadership, no tact, and no courage. No elected official should tacitly agree that shooting the President is an acceptable act. He should apologize for his stunning lack of moral courage to the citizens of Georgia, and to the President himself,” concluded Senator Brown.

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