Senate Republicans Make It Clear: Health Care Law At Stake in SCOTUS Nomination

October 13, 2020

After Chairman Graham kicked off today’s hearing attacking health care law, Loeffler and Collins cannot continue to ignore health care stakes in SCOTUS fight

ATLANTA — Today, after Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham began the second day of hearings on Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination “with a sustained attack” on the health care law, it’s becoming more clear than ever that health care protections for 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions are at stake in this confirmation.

Republicans’ push for Barrett comes less than one month out from opening arguments in the GOP’s lawsuit to overturn the health care law and its critical protections. Yet unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler and her opponent Congressman Doug Collins continue to stand behind Republicans’ plan to rush through the confirmation of an anti-health care Supreme Court nominee weeks before an election — even with her long track record as a “vocal opponent” of the health care law.

A reminder of where Georgians could end up if Barrett is confirmed and rules in favor of the GOP’s reckless lawsuit:

“The stakes could not be more clear: health care protections for 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions are on the line — and Senator Kelly Loeffler and Congressman Doug Collins are continuing to push forward with this reckless nomination,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “The fact that both Loeffler and Collins would support rushing ahead with this anti-health care nomination while coronavirus relief is still stalled speaks volumes about their priorities, and shows just how out-of-touch they are with Georgia voters.”


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