Scott Walker visits Georgia, brings plenty of baggage

July 15, 2015

Scott Walker, the GOP’s 15th candidate to launch a bid for president, will visit Georgia today. For a guy with only one local event on the calendar, Walker is coming to our state with plenty of baggage.



Scott Walker:


Attempted to weaken Wisconsin’s open records law, described as a move “to shield Walker, who is about to announce his presidential bid next week, from greater scrutiny.” 


Said the minimum wage is a “lame idea.” Walker also said he doesn’t think the minimum wage “serves a purpose.”


Repealed a Wisconsin equal pay law, calling it a “bogus issue.”


Compared American workers like firefighters and teachers to terrorists.


Is described in his own state as “the most divisive Wisconsin politician in living memory.”


Cut taxes for the wealthy while facing a $2 billion budget deficit and some of the worst job growth in the Midwest.



“Republicans have 15 candidates in the race now, and not a single one of them is qualified to run a lemonade stand. If elected, Scott Walker—who places special interests and his own ambition above the middle class—would deliver a body blow to working Americans.” – Chairman DuBose Porter


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