Saving Grace

January 16, 2013

Today our nation took the first giant step towards ending the senseless violence that has become part of our national fabric.  President Obama outlined a solid plan aimed at curbing the gun violence that is all too prevalent in this country.

As a nation and as a state we need to realize that change concerning responsible gun ownership will only work if we are all willing to stand up and say that this culture of violence is no longer acceptable and that we need to start the process now.

From closing the gun show loopholes to banning assault weapons designed for battlefield use to limiting the size of the clips that can be used in certain weapons, the President’s proposals are the start of a much overdue debate in this country.

This isn’t about taking away anyone’s rights. Instead of trying to address this problem by making guns even more accessible or requiring teachers and administrators to carry weapons in our schools, it’s time for a reasoned discussion about how we protect the rights of those that own, use and collect weapons to those who should be free from being harmed by them.

During his speech, the President told a poignant story about a young girl named Grace whose life was tragically cut short in the massacre at Newtown. He talked about her life, her dreams, her parents and of her potential that was tragically cut short.

It’s time for us as a nation to start “Saving Grace”. In the past ten years there have been more than sixty school shootings.  That’s an average of one every two months for the past decade.  We as a country deserve better.

Congratulations to President Obama for opening this national debate. It’s long overdue.

To see the President’s full remarks on preventing gun violence, please click here. It’s a powerful statement.

Mike Berlon

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