ROUNDUP: Georgia Democrats Speak Out Against Extreme Budget Cuts To Health Care

February 12, 2020

ATLANTA – This week as lawmakers continue to debate over Brian Kemp’s extreme budget cuts, Georgia Democrats spoke up for Georgians’ health care, calling out the budget for defunding health care for rural Georgians, and bringing attention to the serious flaws in Brian Kemp’s health care proposal. 

“While our state is in a health care crisis, Brian Kemp’s budget defunds critical services, and prevents us from taking action on crucial issues like maternal mortality or rural hospital closures,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chairwoman Nikema Williams. “When it comes down to it, your budget shows your values. This budget shows that Brian Kemp and Georgia Republicans don’t stand for Georgians’ health care.” 

“When we look at the cost of these cuts, it isn’t about dollars and cents,” said State Representative Debbie Buckner. “This is about the rural Georgians who live 40 miles from the nearest hospital, the pregnant women who might lose their doctors, and those lives at risk without access to care.” 

“For years now, Georgians have called for full Medicaid expansion, because it would create 50,000 jobs, save our rural hospitals, and cover 500,000 Georgians who are currently without care,” said State Representative Mary Robichaux. “Instead of standing with the majority of Georgians, the governor has put forward a half-baked plan that costs Georgians more taxpayer dollars in the budget, and falls far short of full expansion by covering far fewer Georgians.” 

“Our constituents don’t care about petty squabbles between their elected leaders over who has the most power,” said State Representative Jasmine Clark. “They elected us to increase access to care, make prescriptions more affordable, and finally expand Medicaid in Georgia.”

“As much as this state talks about economic growth, without protecting Georgians’ health care, we seriously risk our potential,” said State Representative and House Democratic Caucus Chair James Beverly. “By gutting funding for the very services that keep our communities safe and healthy, we’re endangering the very lifeblood of our economic growth.” 

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