Rocky Rollout: Loeffler In Hot Water Before She’s Even Taken Office

January 3, 2020

With the Georgia GOP facing a new “rift” and grassroots Republicans still skeptical, Loeffler’s efforts to buy a Senate seat appear to backfire ahead of 2020 election

ATLANTA — As “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler gets ready to take office next week following her temporary purchase of a Senate seat, the Senator-designate continues to face mounting criticism as poor headlines continue to pour in and GOP infighting keeps building. 

In the month since Governor Kemp rewarded Loeffler with a Senate appointment after her promise to funnel $20 million into a campaign, she has managed to sign onto to an unpopular and divisive agenda that alienates independent voters while still failing to heal the fractures in the GOP base caused by her appointment. Loeffler’s missteps have left party leaders “skeptical” as a new “rift” opens in Georgia state government from her disastrous roll-out.

Now, potential conservative challengers are still circling as Loeffler tries to compensate by moving farther and farther to the right in a desperate bid to end the “GOP firestorm” caused by her “fiasco” appointment. 

See the headlines Loeffler’s facing ahead of her swearing-in:

“Political mega-donor Kelly Loeffler hasn’t even taken office yet and already she’s managed to alienate Georgians all across the political spectrum while failing to heal the intra-party wounds her own appointment caused,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Loeffler’s efforts to buy herself a Senate seat and avoid media scrutiny have clearly backfired, and now she’s forced to enter office damaged from a rocky rollout and with no clear base of support from Georgia voters.”


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