GOP adopts a Tax and Pretend Strategy

March 30, 2011

Republicans want to raise taxes for Georgia while pretending not to- a “tax and pretend” strategy that Georgia Democrats must fight against.

This tax scheme shifts the tax burden to the middle class by adding a host of new sales taxes, and slightly lowers the income tax rate. This shell game eliminates many exemptions as well. The result?  Higher taxes for nearly all Georgians, while reducing taxes for only those making over $300k a year.

This plan will add taxes for DirectTV and Dish Network customers, cell phone owners, people who sell their car to another person, and all car repairs.

Families will pay an additional $45 in taxes per child under the Republican scheme. Many donations to your church will no longer be deductible. It is a scary anti-family type of plan.

The non-partisan research center at Georgia State University predicts 1.2 million Georgians- including everyone that makes between $20K and $180K a year- will see increased taxes.

Those making over $180K a year will see a decrease in taxes under the Republican scheme.

Long-term, this bill will not inspire a single job to be created in Georgia. The measly decrease in the personal income tax rate will not offset the enormous amount of new sales taxes and the loss of tax deductions for ordinary Georgians. Many small businesses will pay more in taxes, and those that will pay less won’t see a substantial savings.

It will not create a single new job.

While the legislature has had four months to focus on job creation and employment opportunities for Georgia’s families, Republicans haven’t delivered a single bill to address the worst employment climate in the state’s history and a 10.2% unemployment rate.

The Democratic Party of Georgia is committed to letting Georgians know about this terrible tax plan. Please share this page with your friends and family and let them know what our lawmakers are attempting to do to Georgia taxpayers.

We cannot allow “tax and pretend” Republicans to raise taxes while pretending to cut them. It’s dishonest, and it’s wrong.

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