Republicans Agree: Brian Kemp’s Budget Cuts “Really Hurt” Rural Georgia

February 7, 2020

Yesterday, during a shocking meeting of the House Appropriations Economic Development subcommittee, members of Brian Kemp’s own party admitted to Georgians just how dangerous and painful Kemp’s extreme budget would be for rural Georgia, which includes devastating cuts that will hurt rural hospitals, public schools, and farmers. 

On the pain of these cuts for Georgians: 
“I’m a Georgia farmer. And when I decided to do this job, I came up here to represent the farmers and the people of rural Georgia. And to come here and see these type cuts just really hurt.” – Representative Sam Watson (R-172) [video]

On Kemp’s “strategy” behind the cuts: 
“I’ve never considered anything across the board being terribly strategic.” – Commissioner Gary Black, Agriculture Commissioner [video]

On the challenges facing rural Georgia: 
“I’m worried. We’ve got enough problems. And you know the problems we’re dealing with right now, from pricing, to increasing input costs, and still trying to beg and plead to get disaster funds and trade battles and this is the last thing we need, is something like this.” – Representative Sam Watson (R-172) [video]

Brian Kemp’s reckless budget cuts defund basic services that Georgia families depend on, and will devastate rural Georgia, which already faces a health care crisis as more hospitals close each year. Earlier this week, the DPG launched the “Don’t Cut Georgia’s Future” campaign, which shares the devastating details of Kemp’s budget proposals for Georgians’ health care, public education, and overall way of life. It’s time to take a stand and fight for Georgia’s future. More information is available here.


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