Rep. Mike Collins Facing Serious Backlash for Antisemitic Affiliation 

March 5, 2024

U.S. Representative Mike Collins is facing condemnation by commentators across the political spectrum after he amplified an anti-semitic tweet—posted by an avowed neo-Nazi account—targeting a Washington Post reporter for being Jewish. 

In addition to a wave of condemnation on Twitter, Collins was officially rebuked by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, including in the Georgia Senate by floor speeches that characterized his comment as hate speech. When Collins’ antisemitism was called out by the only Jewish member of the Georgia General Assembly, Collins doubled down and refused to apologize or delete the tweet. The original comment and his response have not been deleted as of today.

“Mike Collins amplified a racist, antisemitic account on social media and refuses to apologize or delete the tweet,” said DPG spokesperson Alex Yerkey. “Georgians demand to know: why is Collins following this account in the first place? Since Collins refuses to renounce this bile, does he endorse it?”


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