REMINDER: Republicans Are Still Working to Undermine Health Care Coverage Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

April 2, 2020

As Georgia jobless claims spike, Republicans are refusing to reopen insurance exchanges and remain committed to ripping away critical health care protections for millions

ATLANTA — On the one year anniversary of President Donald Trump’s promise to repeal the health care law “right after the election,” Republicans are continuing their crusade against access to health coverage today as over 130,000 Georgians file for unemployment and the coronavirus outbreak continues to threaten Georgia.

In the face of this unprecedented crisis that’s left Georgia health care providers “scrambling” and millions of Americans out of work, the Trump administration is still refusing to reopen health care exchanges to allow Americans without insurance during this crisis to get health care coverage. Instead, the White House and its Washington Republican allies are doubling-down on a reckless lawsuit to “terminate” the entire health care law as our country grapples with the coronavirus pandemic.

And where do Georgia’s Republican Senate contenders stand on this dangerous health care agenda? 

Senator David Perdue has already bragged he “of course” supports the GOP’s lawsuit that would rip apart vital health care protections for Georgians. And Perdue has voted multiple times to gut the health care law along with top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins  — even as a Koch network Super PAC continues trying to bail Perdue out by running ads attempting to rewrite his toxic health care record.

Unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler, meanwhile, has promised to stand with the White House and Senate Republicans “100%” as she desperately tries to hold off Collins and distract from her stock sell-off scandal. Loeffler had previously downplayed the threat of the coronavirus outbreak, even as she and her husband sold-off millions in stocks and invested in “a company that makes COVID-19 protective garments.” 

“As thousands of Georgians are losing both their jobs and their health care coverage, Georgia Republicans are still backing policies that would make it harder for families to access health care in the middle of a pandemic,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “It’s time for Georgia’s representatives in Washington to stop trying to score political points with the White House and start working to protect the health and safety of Georgia families.”


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