REMINDER: On Marriage Equality, Walker Said “That’s Against Stuff That I Believe”

November 17, 2022

It’s worth remembering that while the U.S. Senate voted to protect same-sex and interracial marriages on a bipartisan basis, Herschel Walker has said that protecting same-sex marriage equality is “against stuff that I believe in.”

WABE: Warnock: Walker ‘on a Georgia tour waging war against trans people’

  • Walker has been asked repeatedly whether he supports same-sex marriage and if he would support the Respect for Marriage Act if elected to the Senate.
  • He did signal his intentions in a somewhat muddled way when asked if he would “stop the gay weddings” at a rally in Columbus in May.
  • “Gay weddings is something that you have to work with the Congress,” Walker said. “I think each state gotta determine that. Not yet, but that’s against stuff that I believe in. So that each state can just stop all that.”
  • His campaign later tried to walk back the comments.


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