REMINDER: Herschel Walker Lacks The Character And Competence To Represent Georgia

December 5, 2022

Georgians deserve a senator who has demonstrated the character needed to represent them in the U.S. Senate and the competence to address the pressing issues facing their families. Herschel Walker’s bizarre claims, record of violence, and long list of dishonest, fraudulent schemes — along with his “head-scratching comments” and “policy gaffes” — lead voters to a simple conclusion: Walker is not who he says he is, is unfit for the job, and has no business representing Georgians in the Senate.

See for yourself why Walker lacks the character to represent Georgia:

Walker has repeatedly made bizarre and false claims. From falsehoods about his academic achievements and business success, to flat-out lies about working in law enforcement, Walker has proven time and time again that Georgians can’t trust him. Even Walker’s own staff has said he’s a “pathological liar,” who lies “like he’s breathing.” 

Walker has a disturbing history of violence that he has not fully accounted for. His record of violence shows he does not have the character required to represent Georgia.

Walker has been involved in a long list of fraudulent and dishonest schemes. From “a string of defaults, settlements and lawsuits,” to his ties to a for-profit program that “preyed upon veterans and service members” and his lies about donating to charities, Walker has shown he does not have the character to represent Georgia.

Walker has repeatedly shown he does not understand the issues facing Georgians. His campaign often “skips details,” he declines to answer questions “about what policies he’d pursue,” and he even claimed it was “totally unfair” to ask him whether he would support legislation like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. 

Walker has made embarrassing “policy gaffes” that demonstrate he lacks the competence to represent Georgia. From his “head-scratching” comments about climate and evolution, to his “stumbles” on voting rights and gun violence, Walker has repeatedly shown he is not up to the task of serving in the U.S. Senate. 


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