REMINDER: Herschel Walker, Every Georgia GOP Senate Contender Opposes Bipartisan Investment in Georgia Jobs and Infrastructure

November 9, 2021

As a bipartisan measure to invest in and revitalize Georgia’s infrastructure heads to President Biden’s desk, Herschel Walker and every Georgia GOP Senate candidate is opposing it. Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, every Republican vying to challenge Senator Reverend Warnock opposes the plan he championed to create good-paying jobs for Georgians, help our small businesses compete in the global economy, expand access to internet in rural Georgia and invest in new roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects all across the state. 

The opposition comes as local Republican officials endorse the new spending, saying it’s much needed for a range of priorities both “big and small.” In case you’re just tuning in:

  • Herschel Walker is opposing the bipartisan effort to create good-paying jobs for Georgians and help Georgia businesses grow by investing in the state’s essential infrastructure — claiming it is being “moved underneath your nose — while tying himself to former President Donald Trump, who has tried to derail the package.
  • Gary Black “offered a shrug” when asked about the 19 Republican Senators who crossed the aisle to support the infrastructure bill, noting that “this senator would have voted no.”
  • Meanwhile, Latham Saddler “flatly rejected” the plan to heavily invest in renovating Georgia’s public transit, replacing lead water pipes, and expanding broadband coverage across the state and Kelvin King called the investment in American infrastructure and global competitiveness “absurd.”

​​“As a long-awaited investment in Georgia’s infrastructure heads to President Biden’s desk, it’s worth remembering that Herschel Walker and every other Georgia GOP Senate candidate is opposing the bipartisan plan to create good-paying Georgia jobs, help American companies compete against China, and rebuild our roads, bridges, and public transportation,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “In opposing this legislation, the Republican candidates are proving that their top priority is politics — not what is best for the people of Georgia.” 


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