REMINDER: Georgia Republicans Voted No On Massive Deficit Reduction

August 25, 2022

When Georgia’s eight Republican representatives in the U.S House voted NO on the Inflation Reduction Act – legislation hailed as a “good deal for Georgians” and supported by a majority of the American people – they didn’t just vote no on cutting Georgians’ energy bills and prescription drug costs. They voted against a measure that will reduce the federal deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars

President Biden and his administration will have already reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion this year (after cutting it by more than $350 billion last year). The Inflation Reduction Act reduces the deficit even more – by at least another $300 billion

“All eight of Georgia’s House Republicans voted against slashing the deficit by at least $300 billion, which will help combat inflation – even after their party blew up the deficit in 2017 for massive tax cuts for America’s top earners. President Biden and Georgia Democrats delivered for Georgia families and seniors with the Inflation Reduction Act, and Georgia Republicans voted against cost-cutting measures for their constituents and hundreds of billions in deficit reduction,” said Democratic Party of Georgia spokesperson Ryan Radulovacki.


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