REMINDER: Georgia AG Chris Carr Has Vowed to Continue Dismantling Abortion Rights if Re-Elected

June 24, 2022

With Roe v. Wade overturned, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is poised to continue using the office of the Attorney General to curtail women’s reproductive rights – against the will of over two-thirds of Georgians who oppose overturning abortion rights.

After lending legal support to the U.S. Supreme Court case that just gutted Roe v. Wade, Carr has promised to “continue to vigorously defend” Georgia Republicans’ dangerous six-week abortion ban currently under court review.

More on Attorney General Chris Carr’s dangerous anti-choice record:

As the Supreme Court considered the current case that gutted Roe v. Wade, Carr publicly urged the court to dismantle the right to abortion.

  • Using the office of Attorney General, Carr intervened in the case on behalf of Georgia, writing a brief asking the Supreme Court asking to uphold Mississippi’s abortion ban, effectively gutting Roe v. Wade.

Carr is still in court trying to push through HB 481, Georgia Republicans’ 2019 abortion ban, which would outlaw abortion before most individuals even know they’re pregnant.

  • After a federal judge struck down HB 481, Carr used the office of Attorney General to appeal the decision on behalf of Georgia, and is currently in court arguing for the ban to go into effect.
  • After news leaked of the impending decision on Roe v. Wade, Chris Carr vowed he “will continue to vigorously defend” HB 481 in court.


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