REMINDER: Every Georgia Republican Opposed $350 Billion for Local Law Enforcement

July 23, 2021

While the Georgia GOP tries to turn crime into a political wedge, it’s worth remembering that every Georgia Republican running in 2022 opposed the American Rescue Plan, which included $350 billion in funding to bolster local police departments, tackle crime, and keep Georgians safe.

And at a hearing this week, Republicans were quick to shut down ideas from law enforcement officers on ways to prevent crime, including common-sense gun safety laws to keep firearms out of the wrong hands. Though Republicans claim their focus on crime reduction is solely issue-based and not partisan, Brian Kemp and Chris Carr “almost immediately went political” at the hearing, while the GOP-dominated legislative committee “didn’t delve into what might be causing the mayhem on our streets”.

Meanwhile, thanks to Democrats’ leadership:

  • The American Rescue Plan – passed with the help of Senators Ossoff and Reverend Warnock and opposed by every single Georgia Republican in Congress – directs $350 billion to state and local governments to help bolster police departments.
  • Atlanta will receive nearly $170 million in federal funds from the Biden-Harris administration to hire more police officers, invest in summer programs and job opportunities, and invest in other measures shown to reduce crime. Fulton County as a whole will receive $206 million, and Georgia will receive an additional $4.8 billion total.
  • Atlanta will take part in the White House’s Community Violence Intervention Collaborative, which will help the city “invest in proven, evidence-based, community-based strategies to reduce violent crime.”

“While every Georgia Democrat voted to pass the American Rescue Plan and direct more resources towards public safety, every single Georgia Republican opposed the bill and its increased funding for law enforcement,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Though it’s clear Georgia Republicans are more interested in searching for political crises to feed their base instead of comprehensive solutions to protect their constituents, Georgians deserve better. That’s why Georgia Democrats stand ready to work with anyone on initiatives that will actually make our communities safer – passing common-sense gun violence prevention legislation and investing in local public safety, protecting Georgians from COVID-19, and fixing our crumbling infrastructure.”


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