REMINDER: As Judge Overturns Georgia Abortion Ban, Herschel Walker Supports Nationwide Abortion Ban

November 15, 2022

Walker: “There’s Not A National Ban On Abortion Right Now And I Think That’s A Problem”

Atlanta, GA – Today, as a Fulton County judge overturns Georgia’s ban on abortion after six weeks, it’s worth noting that Herschel Walker supports both the Georgia ban and a proposed nationwide abortion ban, and opposes exceptions in cases of rape, incest, or even to save the life of the mother, saying, there’s “no exception in [his] mind.” 

Read more on Walker’s out-of-step position below: 

11 Alive: Herschel Walker says “there’s not a national ban on abortion right now, and I think that’s a problem.”

11 Alive: This week’s court decision legalizing the heartbeat bill brings into focus the contrasting positions of the two major candidates running for U.S. Senate.

Doug Richards: When we caught up with Walker Wednesday morning at a livestock barn in Athens, it was just a few hours before a federal court allowed Georgia to enact its controversial heartbeat bill, which bans abortions after only six weeks gestation. Walker was asked about the U.S. Senate potentially voting on a national ban on abortion. And he answered by saying the absence of such a ban is “a problem.” 

Herschel Walker: There’s not a national ban on abortion right now, and I think that’s a problem. 


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