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February 21, 2014

Release:  Friday, February 21, 2014     


Most Recently Elected Georgia Republican Wants to Allow Child Predators on School Grounds

Rep. Sam Moore also introduces legislation to allow the use of deadly force against law enforcement officers


Atlanta, GA – This week, Republican State Rep. Sam Moore—a newly elected House Member in the Georgia Republican Party—introduced HB 1033 that would allow convicted child molesters to loiter on school grounds. Rep. Moore also introduced HB 1046, a bill that would legalize the use of deadly force against law enforcement officers who use force entering someone’s home.


“This is what the Georgia Republican Party has come to,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair, DuBose Porter. “And this is why they’re in trouble.”


Moore’s legislation—which even he labeled as “creepy”—is not out of step with the Georgia Republican Party’s extreme legislative agenda this year. Just this week, Georgia Republicans have passed through committee legislation that would further limit women’s health care decisions, a bill that would allow employers to discriminate against anyone for nearly any reason, and legislation that would disenfranchise minority voters. Passing the House floor is a bill that would allow guns in bars and churches and college campuses.


The Democratic Party of Georgia believes that these latest bills are just more of the same of what the Georgia Republican Party is offering our state. We also believe that playgrounds, doctors’ offices, voting booths and places of worship should be safe places that bring no danger of disenfranchisement, assault or worse.





Cherokee Tribune 2/21/2014:  Bill would allow sex offenders at schools


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HB 1033


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