Release: Poll shows Carter path to victory

November 13, 2013

Polling data shows Jason Carter path to victory.

Nathan Deal vulnerable, scores high negatives in job performance.


Atlanta, Georgia –  A poll commissioned by the Democratic Party of Georgia and the Democratic Governors Association shows a clear path to victory for Democratic candidate for Governor Jason Carter.


Polling shows that Georgia voters overwhelmingly prefer a new governor:  49% surveyed want someone new, while only 36% would prefer to re-elect Nathan Deal.


In addition to weak approval ratings for Deal, Georgia voters also gave the governor poor job performance marks:


54% of Georgia voters have a negative view of Deal’s handling of jobs and the economy.

Only 31% believe the Deal has done enough to help the middle class.

52% have a negative view of Deal’s performance on education.


“This poll just validates what we’ve known,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter.  “Nathan Deal and his administration are bad for the economy, bad for education and job training, bad for working families, and downright bad for Georgia.”


After pollsters read a positive message about each candidate, Sen. Carter held a lead of 45 percent to Nathan Deal’s 40.


“Georgia voters are ready for a new direction,” said Porter. “And they’ll find that direction in Jason Carter.”

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