Release: DPG Chair DuBose Porter Issues Statement on Winter Storm

January 29, 2014

Release:  Wednesday, January 29, 2014    



DPG Chair DuBose Porter Issues Statement on Winter Storm

Porter calls Nathan Deal’s response “unacceptable”


Dublin, GA – Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter issued the following remarks in response to Georgia’s recent snow storm.


“First, our thoughts and prayers are with the men, women, and children who still haven’t made it home. I also want to commend Georgia’s first responders, teachers, and unexpected guardian angels who have demonstrated the strength of community in our state,” said Chairman Porter.


While the Chairman lauded the extraordinary acts of Georgia citizens, he also addressed the anger expressed by many.


“People are furious, and rightfully so. This is as big and bad a dumpster fire I’ve seen. Deal’s lack of leadership to manage GDOT’s resources and subsequent failure to competently respond to the aftermath of the storm is appalling.”


Chairman Porter was alarmed by the conditions families were forced to endure due to the inept response of the Governor’s office.


“The disaster that has ensued from two inches of snow is simply unacceptable. Children sleeping in schools, trapped in school buses and generally cold and without their families is not acceptable. Families, trapped on the interstates, trapped in their cars in freezing temperatures, is not acceptable.”


“Also unacceptable is the Governor’s response. He called the storm ‘unexpected.’ There was nothing unexpected about this storm. The only thing in this situation that was unexpected is Nathan Deal’s attitude towards people stranded on our roads and in our schools. We all hoped he would be better than this. But he proved, once again, he’s not.”


The Chairman concluded by saying “Plain and simple—Governor Deal got caught with his britches down.”

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