VIDEO RELEASE: Reintroducing The Real Brian Kemp

August 25, 2018

VIDEO RELEASE: Reintroducing The Real Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp Can’t Run From His Past


ATLANTA—Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia introduced a new video to remind voters that no matter what kind of pivot Brian Kemp is desperately making now, he remains the same candidate he was just months ago, when he released television ads that put his reckless nature in full view of the voting public.

In the Republican primary, Brian Kemp refused to talk about the issues that matter to everyday Georgians – creating high-paying jobs, expanding quality health care coverage, and ensuring that every Georgia child has access to premier K-12 education – and instead focused his campaign on the notion that being “politically incorrect” is a policy position.

Whether it’s making national news for pointing a shotgun at a teenager, or driving around in a truck to pick up “criminal illegals”, from day-one, the Kemp campaign made it clear exactly what his priorities are.

As Brian Kemp said himself, “if any of this offends you, I’m not your guy.”

Well Brian, the Democratic Party of Georgia and voters across the state agree: you’re not the right person to lead Georgia forward in November and beyond.

Kemp’s desperate attempts to change his tune haven’t gone unnoticed – the AJC said Kemp has adopted a “softer” tone, and The New York Times said Kemp has been “trying to gravitate towards the center.” 

“Whether it’s blowing things up or joking about endangering the life of a child, the Brian Kemp that we see today is still the same reckless and self-serving Brian Kemp that we’ve seen since the beginning of this campaign,” said Democratic Party of Georgia spokesperson XX. “Whether it’s May, September, or November, Brian Kemp can’t run from his record, from his past, or from himself.”

View the new ad here: Kemp Can’t Run from His Chainsaw-Cranking Past

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