Questions From Georgians Ahead Of Perdue’s FIRST Interview 12 Days After Election Day

November 15, 2020

ATLANTA — This morning, Senator David Perdue is expected to have his first interview since he was forced into a January runoff after repeatedly refusing attempts by local media to get him to answer their questions. In Perdue’s only public appearance since Election Day, he failed to even acknowledge the threat COVID-19 still poses to Georgians’ health or why he deserves to be re-elected to a second term.

Here are 12 questions Senator Perdue should answer in his interview for the 12 days he went without answering Georgians after his abysmal performance on Election Day:

  1. Why did Senator Perdue downplay the scale and scope of the coronavirus pandemic and tell Georgians it was no deadlier than the average flu?
  1. Does he have any proof that the DOJ and SEC completed their federal investigations into his “heavy” stock trading as the coronavirus pandemic initially spread across the country?
  1. How will Senator Perdue protect Georgians with preexisting conditions if the Affordable Care Act is struck down by the Supreme Court thanks to the Perdue-backed GOP lawsuit?
  1. After months of playing politics during this pandemic, what will Senator Perdue do to actually deliver COVID economic relief to Georgia families and small businesses?
  1. Will Senator Perdue accept the three live, televised debates offered by Jon Ossoff?
  1. Why did Senator Perdue wait more than a week after Election Day to make his first public runoff campaign appearance, and then choose to do it with a Senator who oversaw the nation’s largest Medicare fraud scheme?
  1. Why did Senator Perdue vote repeatedly to gut the Affordable Care Act?
  1. Does Senator Perdue still believe that Georgians’ hard-earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare are what is “causing” our nation’s debt rather than the trillion dollar tax bill that he voted for?
  1. Why should Georgians vote for Perdue, who is running on Trump’s failed agenda, if Georgia voters already rejected Trump and his agenda on Election Day?
  1. Is Senator Perdue planning to ignore local media’s attempts to reach him for the rest of the runoff?
  1. Will Senator Perdue apologize to Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris for intentionally mocking her name?
  1. Will Senator Perdue affirm that Joe Biden won the election?


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