Questions for Kelly: After Claiming She Has “Welcomed Any Questions,” Here Are Five She Still Won’t Answer

May 12, 2020

Loeffler has dodged questions for weeks about her stock trading as she desperately tries to distract from her growing scandal

ATLANTA — After unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler claimed today in an interview that she has “welcomed any questions” about her stock trading scandal, here’s a reminder of several critical questions Loeffler still has not answered since her scandal broke almost two months ago.

If Loeffler really welcomes questions, she can start with these:

  1. Why has Loeffler still not called for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation of her actions, like her fellow Senator Richard Burr did weeks ago?
  2. If she first knew about her massive stock sell-offs by February 16th, why did she later claim on March 10th that “the economy is strong?” 
  3. Who was the unnamed “third party advisor” who Loeffler claims made these trades along with a member of her “personal family office”?
  4. Did Loeffler ever discuss her private Senate coronavirus briefing with her husband, Intercontinental Exchange CEO and New York Stock Exchange Chairman Jeffrey Sprecher, who also was caught dumping millions in stock in a transaction reportedly initiated potentially just two days after that closed-door briefing?
  5. Why is Loeffler STILL refusing to put her assets in a blind trust like her predecessor Senator Johnny Isakson — who called blind trusts “the best way to comply…with the ethics disclosures”

Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, Loeffler has continued to blame anything and everything for her stock trades — except for herself. Now, she won’t even be straight with Georgians about her own lack of accountability for this scandal. Loeffler claims she welcomes questions — it’s time she starts answering them.


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