Pro-Perdue PAC Puts $600k Behind TV Ad Targeting Kemp

March 18, 2022

Today, a new TV ad from a pro-David Perdue PAC, Georgia Action Fund, began running in multiple markets across the state, backed by an over $600,000 buy. The ad – which highlights Donald Trump’s endorsement of Perdue and scathing attacks on Brian Kemp – comes just a week ahead of Trump’s visit to Georgia for a rally in support of Perdue.

As Kemp tries to downplay Trump’s involvement and brush off Perdue’s challenge, Trump has stepped up his involvement in the ugly and costly GOP gubernatorial primary over the past week – announcing a Georgia rally, holding a fundraiser for Perdue at Mar-a-Lago, and lashing out at Kemp, belittling himas a “…horrendous RINO who has betrayed the people of Georgia, and betrayed Republican voters.”

The avalanche of outside money and the increasingly vicious attacks from Perdue and Trump have forced Kemp to dole out over $4.2 million on TV ads to try and defend himself in the nasty GOP primary. It’s also forced the Republican Governors Association to intervene on Kemp’s behalf and spend over $500,000 on TV ads. It’s the first time the organization has placed TV ads to protect an incumbent governor in a primary.

Trump’s involvement in the race has steadily increased as the primary battle intensifies. So far, the former president has:


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