Students, Teachers, Parents Protest Casey Cagle For Placing Politics over Georgia’s Children

June 20, 2018

ATLANTA – A group of students, teachers and parents chanted “hey hey, ho ho, Casey Cagle has got to go” and “bad for business, bad for schools” as they gathered outside of Casey Cagle’s campaign office to protest his self-admission that he put politics over Georgia’s children. The protest comes in light of Casey Cagle revealing that he backed a bill that he described as “bad in a thousand different ways” solely because it would deprive another candidate in the race of millions of dollars of support.

Across Georgia, the more voters hear about Casey Cagle’s greed and his preference for dark money donors over children’s education, the more they realize that his integrity is for sale.

“Casey Cagle basically admitted that he’s not going to do what’s best for public policy, what’s in the best interest of Georgia’s children, if it means that he gets his,” said educator Katrina Lowrey. “This is just what we know about. The question becomes how many other times has he done this? And how can we trust that as governor, he’ll put the best interest of Georgians over politics?”

“I am a public-school mom and teacher and I feel betrayed by Casey Cagle. Political ambition should never come at the cost of our kids’ education,” said teacher and concerned parent Tonya Grimmke. “I do not trust him to be Georgia’s next Governor. Stacey Abrams is the only candidate I trust with my student’s future.”

“Casey Cagle has already sold out our children,” said educator Chelsea Clements. “Why give him the opportunity to do it again, or worse?”

For photos from the protest, see below:



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