“Political Mega-Donor” Loeffler Begins Short Senate Tenure Amid Ethical “Minefield” And “GOP Firestorm” Created by Appointment

January 6, 2020

As Republican activists remain “skeptical” and Loeffler is still “under scrutiny” for her “‘minefield’ of potential ethical issues,” the GOP mega-donor officially takes office

ATLANTA — Today, “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler is being officially sworn in to the U.S. Senate following her backroom deal to buy her temporary appointment by pledging to funnel $20 million of her own fortune into Georgia’s Senate race. Loeffler’s swearing-in today comes after a botched roll-out that descended into a damaging round of GOP infighting all while the mega-donor still faces “scrutiny” for her numerous conflicts of interest and her firm’s lobbyist ties.

“Mega-donor Kelly Loeffler’s temporary Senate appointment was already a disaster before she even took office, from the Republican infighting she sparked after a sham selection process to the scrutiny she’s now facing as a result of her conflicts of interest and ties to Washington’s lobbying revolving door,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Kelly Loeffler’s efforts to buy herself a Senate seat amid a ‘minefield’ of ethical red flags is everything that Georgians hate about Washington and will prevent her from holding this seat when voters finally get their say in November.”

In addition to stirring up infighting and sparking rifts within her own party, Loeffler has already come “under scrutiny” repeatedly for potential conflicts of interest and influence peddling related to her firm. Loeffler still refuses to disclose “how she [plans] to manage her finances or whether she would sit out votes that could influence her business” — a situation that would allow her to oversee issues affecting her own personal financial interests in the Senate. 

And Loeffler’s firm has spent a staggering $17 million as part of its lobbying efforts since 2002, among the “top-spending securities and investment firms” in terms of lobbying activity in the country, in addition to making key lobbyist hires from DC as part of her firm’s role in Washington’s revolving door.

Heading into the 2020 campaign with her record as a political insider, Loeffler is facing a “‘minefield’ of ethical issues” and still hasn’t managed to ward off the threat of conservative challengers as she struggles to define herself to Georgia voters. 

See the damaging headlines Loeffler’s already facing as she takes office:


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