PHOTOS: Middle Georgia Moms, Georgia Democrats Call Out Rep. Scott, Republicans for Standing Against Addressing Infant Formula Shortage

June 2, 2022

Today, middle Georgia moms and Democrats held a press conference calling out Congressman Austin Scott and Georgia Republicans for voting against addressing the infant formula shortage. While Democrats are taking rapid, unprecedented action to address the infant formula shortage, Republicans aren’t offering any solutions – and are actively voting against efforts to address the shortage.

“As we all know, Georgia, like everywhere else across the world, is still feeling the economic effects from the pandemic. New moms have been feeling the brunt of this, as we have just seen a recent shortage of infant formula. And while Democrats are laser-focused on fixing the shortage and ensuring it never happens again, Republicans like Austin Scott have shown that they would rather block progress than be a part of the solution,” said Courtney Driver, a mom, the Chair of Houston County Democrats, and candidate for Georgia House District 146. “President Biden and Democrats are taking this shortage seriously and taking action – passing legislation to address the shortage, invoking the Defense Production Act to get more formula made more quickly, and having the military airlift in formula to help get formula to families who need it. Meanwhile, every single Georgia Republican, including Austin Scott, recently voted against a bill to ensure the FDA has the resources it needs to address the shortage and help make sure this doesn’t happen again. Georgia moms deserve answers: why did Republicans vote against addressing the infant formula shortage? Why aren’t they taking action to support moms and families through this shortage?”

“As a resident here in Houston County, I’m absolutely appalled by all the actions of Republicans, including representative Austin Scott. As a godfather, my godchildren are being impacted by what it is that we’re talking about. Congressional Democrats passed a bill to make sure that the FDA has an opportunity to get all of the resources necessary to make sure that the shortage that we are experiencing with baby formula no longer continues. And just as Courtney said, almost all of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Representatives Austin Scott, voted against that bill,” said Reverend Darrius Butler, Chair of the Boys & Girls Club of Warner Robins and Candidate for Georgia’s 8th Congressional District. “If Republicans had it their way, Black and Brown moms, low-income moms would be left without any help and without any formula to feed their children. And while Republicans point fingers, blame [President Biden] – while they blame Democrats – they’ve offered no type of solutions that will actually get the job done and ensure that children are fed. I’m absolutely fed up with the Republican Party and I’m fed up with Representative Austin Scott. Middle Georgia deserves better.”


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