Perdue’s Record of Turning His Back on Georgia Veterans

November 13, 2019

Following Veterans’ Day, a reminder of how Perdue has repeatedly put partisanship ahead of our servicemembers

Atlanta — Senator David Perdue has made a habit out of turning his back on our veterans and military families over his time in Washington. Instead of fighting for Georgia’s 88,000 active-duty servicemembers, Perdue has chosen again and again to put partisan politics and special interest groups ahead of Georgia’s veterans and military families.

As Americans across the country celebrated Veterans’ Day this week, here’s a reminder of how Perdue repeatedly ignored veterans groups and abandoned military families when they needed him most:

  • Perdue repeatedly voted to let the administration raid billions from military construction funding which could put Georgia military projects at risk down the road.
    • Perdue so far has voted twice to let the administration raid money from key military construction projects across the country and around the world for the president’s sham emergency declaration.
    • Already, Perdue’s support for these reckless budget raids has raided funding for projects across 23 states — with more to come if the administration gets their way to continue diverting funding from our military.
    • This could threaten resources for Georgia’s 88,000 active-duty servicemembers, just as it has in other states with high numbers of military personnel.
  • Perdue voted to repeal financial protections that would benefit servicemembers in a move opposed by veterans groups.
    • Perdue’s vote overturned protections that would have provided additional protections to allow consumers to seek justice through the court system when wronged by large financial institutions.
    • The American Legion specifically opposed repealing these protections given how often military families and veterans are the targets of predatory practices.
    • Of course, Perdue is always happy to help out big financial institutions over consumers given his history of working with shady groups like Community Choice Financial — a notorious payday lender that Perdue used to consult for.
  • Perdue even voted for a bill that raised taxes on Gold Star families.
    • As part of the Republican corporate tax giveaway, Perdue voted to raise taxes on Gold Star families and their survivors’ benefits.
    • Even worse, now almost two years later, Republicans still haven’t ended this tax hike on families who have already sacrificed so much for our country.

Standing by our veterans and military families requires more than words — it means fighting to make sure they have the support and resources they need. Instead, Perdue has time and time again abandoned our military families on critical issues that affect their well-being and weaken our national security. 

“Senator Perdue has time and time again failed to stand up for our veterans and refused to do the right thing for our military families and the 88,000 active-duty servicemembers in Georgia,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “No matter what he says on the campaign trail, when push comes to shove it’s clear that Senator Perdue will side with his party leaders and special interest allies in Washington instead of doing what’s best for Georgia’s veterans and servicemembers.”


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