Perdue’s New Year’s Resolutions: Oppose Stimulus Checks, Defend Corrupt Stock Trades, Dodge Accountability

January 1, 2021

ATLANTA — Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia exposes Senator David Perdue’s New Year’s Resolution, a dangerous agenda Georgia voters can expect from the Senate’s most prolific stock trader and former corporate CEO in the final days of his struggling campaign.

Oppose increased stimulus checks and direct pandemic aid to workers

Perdue has refused to call on Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow a vote on delivering $2,000 in direct payments to Americans, exposing his claim to support increased checks as a last minute stunt to save his struggling campaign. Perdue has opposed stimulus checks and direct aid to workers since the beginning of the pandemic, making clear that he “personally opposed” and “fought against” direct relief for Georgians on a dozen separate occasions

11Alive noted that Perdue hasn’t “publicly gone as far as calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to hold a vote,” nor has he said he would “leave the campaign trail and head back to Washington if a vote was held.”

Defend making corrupt stock trades in industries he has overseen as a Senator

Perdue’s self-dealing, brazen corruption, and efforts to enrich himself through “unusual,” “well-timed,” and “suspicious” stock trades, often in industries he oversaw, has been on full display during his campaign. From buying stock in a PPE supplier the same day the Senate received a private briefing on the novel coronavirus to purchasing stock in a company specializing in pain management alternatives to opioids in the week before a key opioid hearing, Perdue has been embroiled in several stock trading scandals and financial abuse allegations. A brutal CNN analysis revealed that in just the five years Perdue has been in office, he’s conducted 2,560 stock trades –– more than “the next seven most prolific Senate stock traders combined.”

Duck, dodge and run away from reporters and Georgia voters

Perdue’s perpetual absenteeism during his Senate term has earned him heavy criticism from local and national press, refusing to host a single public town hall for his entire six year Senate term while selling access to meetings on his private island for a $7,500 contribution. Perdue is “among the Senate’s most absent members,” missing several key hearings and votes, sometimes “in order to attend fundraisers.”  Perdue refused to debate his opponent and has taken heat for ducking accountability and avoiding Georgians more than a dozen times throughout his campaign.


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