Perdue Urges “Due Haste” on SCOTUS Nomination But Not COVID Relief

September 24, 2020

ATLANTA — Senator David Perdue said the Senate should “move with due haste into the confirmation process,” committing to support whomever President Trump nominates to fill the Supreme Court vacancy without even knowing who they are or if they will support protections for people with preexisting conditions –– yet Perdue had no sense of urgency just weeks ago to deliver economic relief during this pandemic when the Senate left town for a month only to go back Washington and fail to advance a coronavirus stimulus package, leaving small businesses and working families at risk who still desperately need financial stability and health care.

When was the last time Senator Perdue moved with due haste? When he rushed to line his own pockets by trading stocks early on in the pandemic and investing in “a chemical company that supplies personal protective equipment,” all while publicly downplaying the threat to Georgians. 

In 2016, Senator Perdue declared “the Senate should not hold hearings or schedule a vote” on a nominee until after a new President was sworn in – but now Perdue buckled under political pressure and is failing to uphold the standard he set just a few years ago.

Senator Perdue only shows a sense of urgency when it’s financially or politically convenient for him, like rushing through a lifetime Supreme Court appointment in hopes of repealing the Affordable Care Act and gutting protections for people with preexisting conditions or profiting from heavy stock trading as this virus surged across Georgia,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Sadly, Georgians are used to Perdue prioritizing his party’s agenda over what’s important to his constituents.”


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