Perdue to Be “Represented by an Empty Podium” After Ducking Runoff Debate With Jon Ossoff

November 16, 2020

Senator Perdue already abruptly pulled out of the last scheduled general election debate after Jon Ossoff slammed Perdue on his downplaying of the coronavirus

ATLANTA — In keeping with his notorious reputation of avoiding Georgians, Senator David Perdue declined the Atlanta Press Club’s December debate with Jon Ossoff and instead “will be represented by an empty podium,” a stark reminder of Perdue’s failure of leadership in getting the pandemic under control and getting Georgia on the path to recovery.

The Atlanta Press Club excoriated Perdue, saying in a statement they were “disappointed” with Perdue’s decision to duck accountability, citing the debate with Jon Ossoff as “an essential part of the democratic process” and an opportunity to “hear an exchange of ideas” from Perdue, who has been notably absent during both his campaign and Senate term in Washington.

Perdue has drawn intense backlash since Election Day for not taking questions from Georgia’s local media since he was forced into a January runoff after failing to gain support from a majority of Georgians.

In the final week before Election Day, Perdue drew fire after abruptly pulling out of the last debate after Ossoff hammered Perdue for his harmful agenda to strip away critical protections for 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions. Then he ran away from reporters in a desperate attempt to avoid answering tough questions about his dim reelection bid.

The empty podium representing Perdue will serve as another stark reminder that Perdue hasn’t held a single public town hall in his entire six-year Senate term.

“An empty podium where Senator Perdue should be standing will only remind Georgians that he is the exact kind of absent senator voters have known for six years,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “From dodging reporters, to turning down debates, to skipping his own campaign rally, Senator Perdue clearly thinks being absent, unavailable, and missing is enough to get him re-elected.”


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