Perdue Stands with White House as It Continues Raiding Critical Military Funding

February 14, 2020

New announcement of White House plan to raid $3.8 billion from National Guard and combat equipment budgets shows Perdue continues to put partisan politics over national security concerns

ATLANTA — Yesterday, Senator David Perdue continued to stand behind the White House after new reporting revealed that the administration is preparing to raid another $3.8 billion from the military budget — this time from the National Guard and combat equipment budgets — risking national security and military readiness for a sham emergency declaration.

This latest raid by the administration would cut critical funding for combat equipment and the National Guard, endangering national security even further after the billions the White House already stole from military projects..

Perdue has previously voted twice to let the administration raid billions from the military budget, raiding funds from projects across 23 states and around the world — funding that was specifically not replaced in this year’s defense budget that Perdue supported. Already, the Pentagon warned of “dire outcomes” from this last round and a report from the Air Force outlined how the budget raid “risks national security.”

“As the administration prepares to launch another reckless raid on critical military funding, Senator David Perdue is again ready to put partisan politics ahead of our national security,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for Democratic Party of Georgia. “Our military budget has already seen billions of dollars raided to pay for the White House’s sham emergency declaration, and this latest funding raid will further put American servicemembers and our national security at risk.”


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