Perdue Singles Out Social Security and Medicare on Anniversary of Corporate Tax Giveaway Passage

December 20, 2019

After spiking the deficit with reckless tax law, Perdue is once again trying to put critical earned benefits programs for middle-class families on the chopping block

ATLANTA — On the two-year anniversary of his vote to pass Washington Republicans’ deficit-busting corporate tax giveaway that added nearly $2 trillion to the national debt, Senator David Perdue is still trying to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block.

Yesterday on Fox Business, Perdue railed against critical earned benefits programs that middle-class families have worked hard for, saying spending on programs like “Social Security and Medicare” is “the problem” and blaming them for “causing this debt.” Perdue made zero mention of his tax handout to the wealthy and well-connected that stacked nearly $2 trillion of debt onto the backs of middle-class families.

In Washington, Perdue has repeatedly called for dangerous measures to allow politicians to cut away at Social Security and Medicare that advocates slammed as a “frontal attack” on the programs.

And what about that corporate tax giveaway he pushed through Congress? Not only did it pile $2 trillion onto the debt that he instead blames on Social Security and Medicare — it actually hurt these critical programs even more as it “trimmed a year of solvency from the primary Medicare trust fund and had a negative effect on the Social Security trust fund.”

Perdue even said in 2017 that he would “absolutely not” support delaying corporate tax breaks in order to give the middle class greater tax relief. 

“It’s telling that Senator David Perdue keeps trying to put critical earned benefits programs for hardworking families like Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block — even after he opposed giving the middle-class greater tax relief instead of his corporate special interest backers,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “When given the choice, you can always expect Senator Perdue to pick handouts for the wealthy and well-connected over standing up for Georgia families.”


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