Perdue Silent After Trump “Undercuts” “Ridiculously Low” Stimulus Checks, Inadequate COVID Relief Bill Perdue Touted

December 23, 2020

After fighting against $1200 checks for months, Perdue touted the COVID relief bill with halved stimulus checks 

ATLANTA — Yesterday, after the former corporate CEO Senator David Perdue touted the passage of a coronavirus relief bill that cut direct stimulus checks for struggling Americans in half, President Trump slammed Perdue and Senate Republicans for the inadequate aid, calling the $600 checks “ridiculously low.” Several reporters noted Trump’s advocacy for increased stimulus checks “undercuts” Perdue and puts him in “a bit of an odd spot” amid his struggling campaign that even went up on television to tout a bill Trump went on to call a “disgrace.”

Now, will Perdue, Trump’s most loyal senator, admit the bill he touted was both insufficient and nothing more than an attempt to give his struggling reelection campaign a “boost” after “getting hammered” on failing to deliver relief? Or will he break with Trump and continue fighting against direct stimulus checks? So far, Perdue has been silent on supporting increased stimulus checks despite bipartisan support.

Perdue “personally opposed” direct stimulus checks all year, said he “held [his] nose” to vote for coronavirus relief, led the charge to cut unemployment benefits for families, and worked to profit off the pandemic with a series of shady stock trades

“Even President Trump has criticized Senator Perdue for his refusal to provide sufficient relief for struggling Americans who have lost their jobs or health care during this pandemic,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Perdue needs to tell Georgians whether he will fight for increased aid and direct stimulus checks for families and small businesses or continue his Republican obstructionism.”


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