Perdue Refuses to Follow “The Isakson Standard” After His Unseemly Stock Trading During the Coronavirus Outbreak

July 14, 2020

Despite pledges from his opponent Jon Ossoff to make elected officials follow the example of Senator Johnny Isakson, Perdue still refuses to place his assets in a blind trust

ATLANTA — After Democratic nominee Jon Ossoff pledged to champion legislation mandating that all federal officeholders follow “The Isakson Standard” of placing their assets in a blind trust, “establishment player” Senator David Perdue still has not followed the example of his fellow Georgia Republican who called blind trusts “the best way to comply…with the ethics disclosures.” 

Perdue has been in hot water for months after reports that his stock trading “increased nearly threefold” during the early stages of the outbreak as he invested in companies like Pfizer and “a chemical company that supplies personal protective equipment” while selling off shares in casino giant Caesars — all while publicly downplaying the coronavirus threat. Yet instead of putting his assets in a blind trust, all Perdue has done is copy a failed PR stunt to distract from his growing scandal while notably “stopping short” of an actual blind trust — and still keeping millions in shares for himself.

“If Senator David Perdue was serious about preventing conflicts of interest, then he’d follow Senator Johnny Isakson’s example and put his assets in a blind trust,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead, his continued refusal to follow the lead of a member of his own party shows Perdue will always put himself and his portfolio first — not Georgians.”


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