Perdue, McConnell Promise a Cover-Up Instead of Fair Hearing of the Facts

December 16, 2019

McConnell Echoes Perdue: “No Difference Between the President’s Position and Our Position”

ATLANTA — Senator David Perdue and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are openly promising to cover up for President Trump’s abuse of power instead of a fair hearing of the facts. 

McConnell admitted during a live interview on Fox News last week that there will be “no difference” between the White House and Senate Republicans. McConnell even said that he would “take my cues from the president’s lawyers.” 

Senator Perdue is following the same playbook. He pledged weeks ago that he would preemptively “vote down” any impeachment charges before a Senate trial “even if there was this quid pro quo.” Instead of supporting a fair and impartial hearing of the evidence, Perdue and his Washington Republican allies have continuously shown they are more than happy to protect this president’s abuses of power rather than standing up for the rule of law. By pledging to support an acquittal no matter what, Perdue is once again showing he refuses to be an independent voice — choosing to represent the White House first and not Georgia voters.

Watch McConnell commit Senate Republicans like Perdue to cover for Trump:

“Senator David Perdue has shown that instead of taking the rule of law seriously and committing to a fair hearing of the facts in the US Senate, he’d rather cover up for the president,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Senator Perdue was elected to represent Georgians — not his political party — and it is disappointing he would put party politics ahead of the country.”


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